Thank you Mrs. Foote

Margaret Baumgartner, Sports Editor

From tampons and hair ties to talking about life Kelsey Foote is there for you. Despite me never having her as a teacher she has always been there for me and is a teacher who is there for students, whether they are hers or not. 

Foote also essentially saved the lives of the Liberty track and field throwers. Going into my junior season I was not sure if we would have a coach at all that season. On top of that, the throws team was the biggest it had been in my 3 years there. Then, just like an angle ascending from the heavens, Foote stepped out of her role as sprints coach to help us lost throwers.

Despite her not knowing much about throwing, never competing in it herself, she taught herself, trained with us, and saved our season. If she had not stepped in, if she had not been to selfless and caring of every individual, then the throws team would not have been nearly as successful. Who knows what the team would’ve done, we may have had to run…

So, if you ever need anything, or just want to sit down and have a fun conversation I would suggest befriending Foote. Her warm smile as soon as she sees you can make anybody feel at home.

Teachers don’t have to be so involved in their students lives but Foote decides to be because she is one of the few who cares for all of the Liberty student body. The Liberty throwers are simply one example of a time Foote has expressed her care for students, she does so every day by always being cheery, always having a smile on her face, and always listening to anything anyone has to say.