Thank you, Mr. Kennedy

Raquel Rossi, Opinion Editor

Honestly, math is the worst subject to have in the morning. Mostly because it normally goes like this: a bunch of numbers and symbols swim around in your half awake brain as you stare 

blankly at the board while a boring teacher lectures in a monotone voice about things you don’t understand and don’t necessarily care about. 


But Kennedy’s class is different. He cares so much about math that, by osmosis, it makes others motivated to do math too. The constant meme references and random comments he makes keeps people engaged and I’ve honestly never been in such an interactive math class. And keep in mind, I have him for calculus. Many people describe Calculus AB as the hardest and most confusing math course. And yet, Kennedy makes it exciting. 


Also, Kennedy teaches through memes. MEMES. He speaks the language of the people and truly knows how to get through to his students. Plus, he’s just so entertaining. Just watching him talk to himself while solving math problems is enough to wake you up in the morning. ex) “And you just go doink doink doink, kill these bois right here (cancelling out variables), oh wait..why did I do that? HAHAHA that was bad math, get wrekt, Kennedy. Why did I do that? Oh no…oh wait there you go and then you add these dudes, and that should be your answer.” Pure poetry.