Small greetings come from big hearts

Khanh Dao, Feature Editor

Small greetings come from big hearts

Hundreds of bodies cramped between two walls, teenagers pushing and shoving in a million directions, limbs haphazardly blocking every which way—no matter how one looks at it, few places are as hostile as a high school hallway during passing period.

Amidst all the tumult, all I could think about was the dreaded test that was coming closer with every step I took towards my next class. I might have been stuck in this miserable state of mind for the next five minutes if it weren’t for a familiar face in the crowd.

I was in his class for just one semester two years ago, yet he still stopped to say hello and ask how I was doing. It was just a momentary exchange, but it showed me that even though a hundred others were mindlessly forming a human obstacle course in the hallway for me as they made their way to class, at least one individual cared to make me feel welcome in that space.

That individual is known by some as a public speaking teacher, an English teacher, or a football coach. But to every Patriot who has met him, Mr. Valach is known as one of the most genial souls to walk the Liberty halls.

Our school is a hospitable place because teachers like Mr. Valach take genuine interest in their students inside and outside of the classroom. For them, I am grateful.