Senior Waiver

Ashtyn Sakamoto, Opinion Editor

Minutes crawl by in anticipation of the best class of the day – senior waiver.

As soon as the bell rings, I grab my backpack and make my way through the crowded hallways to the front parking lot. Freedom, at last. I leave the beautifully empty parking lot, and without sitting through traffic, head home. 

Though some people might brush off senior waiver as a waste of a period or a joke class, it is actually quite the opposite.

For seniors who are lucky enough to have a waiver, the benefits are endless. Once I get home, I use those extra ninety minutes to complete the mountain of college applications, finish AP Government homework, or study for that AP Stats exam. 

Saying I am grateful would be an understatement. Having the flexibility of senior waiver every other day has been a godsend in increasing my productivity and reducing the stress of senior year. I have been able to accomplish more during the day, leaving less homework to complete after work or extracurricular activities. 

With so many deadlines for colleges and scholarships rapidly approaching, senior waiver has given me more time to plan and complete my ever-growing to-do list effectively. 

So on behalf of the other seniors blessed with waiver, thank you for this opportunity – and for keeping us sane through this stressful season.