Running Start

Brianna Nelson, Entertainment Editor

College as a high school student sounds kind of daunting but the Running Start program gives juniors and seniors a chance to get a head start at college while still being in high school. 

Running Start at Bellevue College has given me the opportunity to start working towards my Associates Degree while still finishing high school and earning my diploma. Being given the chance to experience college and meet new people at 17 is something I am extremely grateful to have. 

This program provides two years of college tuition paid for by the school district and I think that just about every student in the program is enjoying the experience of a higher education in comparison to high school. 

I am thankful that this program has introduced me to so many new and different people and has helped me escape the immaturity and drama of high school. 

So thank you to the district for giving students the opportunity to start college early and kick start their future.