My tried-and-true duffel bag

Brooke Ury, Opinion Editor

The Liberty duffel bag is an essential part of any Liberty athlete’s wardrobe. It’s simple, portable, and easy to hang up in the locker room or on the side of a desk. Perfect. 

Liberty duffel bags hold all the essentials: sporting equipment, clothing, and various tennis shoes. But they also hold so much more, like a spare granola bar, a lucky scrunchie, an old necklace, or a crumpled-up homework assignment from three months ago. In my experience, my Liberty duffel bag is that one drawer in your house that you throw random things into but never clean. Except, the bag is portable, making it twice as amazing.

However, the Liberty duffel bag is also so much more than a bag. Between the many sports teams here at Liberty, the duffel bag is one of the only things that connects athletes together. Walking down the hallway and seeing others carrying the same bag as you, seeing everyone in the locker room with the same bag, or showing up to a meet or game matching your teammates creates a sense of unity among Liberty students. Everyone still has their own skills and talents, but the Liberty duffel bag merges all athletes together. The unity makes us so much stronger as athletes and as a school.

I am so very thankful for the Liberty duffel bag that I have carried everyday to school for the past 4 years.