Abigail Peacock, Editor In Chief

The L’ Cafe is the height of high school cuisine. The smoothies: delectable. The pasta dishes: scrumptious. The baked goods: splurge-worthy.

The Liberty community is unbelievably lucky to have the L’ Cafe as a lunch option. Even though it doesn’t open until October, the delicious food is well worth the wait.

The staff spends hours behind the scenes prepping, cooking, and storing the food. We only see the few who work up front, but the others are happily working in the back so that we, the students and staff, get the opportunity to sample a variety of very palatable treats. 

Started last year, the restaurant wars is a fun way for our community to have a plethora of changing options, from a diner inspired by The Office to a traditional Mexican menu. While the previously regular menu items, such as the Kalbi bowl, were delicious, the rotating menus have items, such as tiramisu and horchata, that some students have never even tried.

The L’ Cafe is a beacon of light in the sea of whole-wheat pizza and La Croix sparkling waters. Thank you, culinary arts students, for your contribution to our lunchroom culture.