High Notes and Deep Dives: What got me There

Daniel Flash, Backpage Editor

The most unusual lifesaver you could think of: a vending machine. And yes, it really was. During my freshman year, I went straight from 3rd period P.E. to 4th period choir, and at times I was left very out of breath. From finishing the Pacer to practicing the 27 minute song “Lux Aeterna,” I needed a hero. Then one day I decided to buy a Powerade from the vending machine after a long workout in P.E. I soon knew that I had made the correct choice. During choir, I felt a lot better and more energized. I didn’t feel like I was going to pass out. I was able to sing with a strong voice and hold my notes for the correct amount of time. I started to become very connected to the vending machine and I would visit it each day on my way to choir. When swim season came around and I had long practices, I’d buy something during the days that I knew were going to be hard, and it helped me feel better during workouts. Then came morning swim practice. A hard practice at 5:30 in the morning, when I should have been sleeping in my warm, cozy bed. And what did I do? I bought a drink to help keep me awake during the day. Some days of my freshman year, I really depended on the vending machine, and when it didn’t have my beloved mixed berry Powerade, I was very mad. Although a lot of my money has gone to this big machine, in the end it has saved me at times from almost passing out.