Custodial Staff

Allison Stucky, Entertainment Editor

Walking out of the lunch room, hurrying to class, heaps of trash left behind, spread across tables — it’s a disappointing sight. Often, students pay no mind to the food remnants and wrappers. But an outstanding team of custodial staff is there to save the day, cleaning the lunchroom to the polished space we know and appreciate.You may not see them around, but it’s not magic. Led by chief custodian Lanell Scheda, the cleaning crew works harder than most of us could imagine.They keep the school looking fabulous from wall to wall, not just the lunchroom. Liberty’s custodians clean the floors, classrooms, and even those nasty bathrooms. There’s always a janitor nearby to help you when in need or locked out of the locker rooms, doing their job without compliant. Working throughout the day and staying late, the pristine school is a result of pure hard work. The custodial staff should get more recognition and praise for their daily contributions to Liberty. Next time you see a custodian around the school, be sure to say thank you. We enjoy a clean school that we leave dirty every day, and some appreciation and consideration could go a long way to make their job a little easier and let them know that they are not overlooked.