Bus Drivers

Madeline Parrish, Staff Writer

Nobody likes getting up in the morning. The dreadful alarm, the freezing cold air, the struggle of opening even just one eye–but it all becomes worth it when greeted by your friendly neighborhood bus driver. 

These wonderful people manage to acknowledge each and every student with a friendly smile as they board the bus. Bus drivers make sure students get to and from school each day safely, yet many people never even think to thank them;so much of what they do goes unnoticed. 

I’m lucky enough to have a sibling who can drive me to and from school each day, but not everyone has that luxury–and what about people who haven’t yet gotten their drivers licenses? The bus is something we should all be grateful for: free, on time transportation to get where we need to go.

So this holiday season be sure to show your bus driver they are appreciated for all the hard work they put in. Think about how much they go through and without appreciation! Suffering through noisy middle school boys and typical Tik Tok girls can’t be easy to deal with. I personally would like to thank my bus driver for not letting these rambunctious kids get too out of control. 

So for all the bus drivers that go unnoticed, thank you!