Praise Google

Annabelle Smith, Feature Editor

The year is 2014. You rush into the library to make a final edit on your expertly crafted essay due next period. Hurriedly plugging your sparkly flash drive into the computer, you click as fast as humanly possible, quickly scanning the contents–only to realize it was all for nothing.

There’s your essay, alright. But it’s the old version from yesterday; you’d forgot to hit save last time you closed it.

This tragedy was simply a reality of the dark days before Google Drive, when Microsoft Word seemed the only tool available. Today, we are truly blessed have turned away from subpar Microsoft to live under joyously under the reign of Google. Forget to hit save? Google already did that for you.  Need to edit and don’t have a computer? Google made an app for that. Need to make a group project where everyone will equally, harmoniously share the work? Google lets you share editing power however you want.

From Docs, Sheets, and Calendar to Gmail and Drive, Google integrates everything in a fairly aesthetic manner, making life easier and cleaner for every class that ever makes you type in a document. You can make PowerPoints in minutes with built in templates. You can enter data in Sheets from your phone. You can schedule your days out with Calendar, down to the hour, and share events. You can write, read, edit, and share a document any way you want. You can store your photos in Drive’s 17 GB of free storage.

And all this accessible with just an email account. This is the future, kids.

Today, we lift up our hand and minds to the almighty Google, who is far more than a search engine or a corporation. To those who have not yet seen the light: fear not! Google loves you. Google is there for you. Sure, Microsoft may have better spell check, but Google will always be superiur.