April Phillips – The woman behind the scenes

Nick Vanni, Beyond Liberty Editor

If you were to apply for a job at the Issaquah School District, what tasks would you expect to be given? Would you expect to teach, grade, and help students? Or would you want to fly the drapes of the theater in and out, organize the stage workshop, and adjust spotlights to perfection?

If the second option sounds best to you, then you should talk with April Phillips, Theater Manager at Liberty. Her job may not be conventional, but she has the most important job in the Performing Arts department at our school–and she never gets the recognition she deserves.

Who’s in charge of the Patriot Players tech crew, teaching them the secrets of the theater? April Phillips.

Who does the tiring work of adjusting the lights and sound of the stage for every Liberty performance? April Phillips.

And who’s behind the scenes of every single event on the Liberty stage? April Phillips, of course.

Our theater manager does a lot more than you might expect, and her amazing work is one of the primary reasons why the Performing Arts department can do what they do. For that reason, I’d like to thank April for all she does. She’s the woman behind every Liberty band, orchestra, and drama performance, and without her, all of our performers would be without hope.