Approachable teachers

Stella Roberts, Creative Director

Whether you’re an introvert or have been traumatized by intimidating teachers in the past, having an approachable teacher that genuinely wants to help you is a breath of fresh air.


Approachable teachers are the kind of teachers that understand the stress of being a 21st century high school student. They recognize that the material learned in class might not stick right away, and are eager to help and encourage a better comprehension. Approachable teachers don’t attack students’ mistakes but work with them to correct it. They make themselves accessible to their students and aren’t upset or angry when a student takes advantage of this. Approachable teachers make learning less intimidating for students.


As an introvert, I am always grateful when a teacher goes out of their way to make their students feel comfortable. To me, it serves as a prime example of what makes the Liberty community so inclusive. Having a teacher that I feel comfortable talking to makes me feel supported in the subject that I’m studying.


So, thank you, approachable teachers of Liberty, for making my and countless others’ high school experience that much better. You make Liberty a more welcoming and warm place to go to school.