An extraordinary exploration of literature

Allison Rafert, Opinion Editor

In what seems like a never-ending cycle of reading quizzes and annotated packets, our English curriculum can get a little tiresome. However, some teachers take the time to craft interactive activities, allowing students to experience the literature first hand and comprehend it on a deeper level.


Ms. Beck’s AP literature class is the epitome of hands-on learning: numerous performances of modernized Othello scenes, soliloquies translated from Shakespeare to rap, and Disney songs carefully chosen to represent the characters’ moods have all appeared within the walls of her classroom.


These additions to the course may seem small, but they make a world of difference to a student. I find myself excited to discover what new lens will be used to examine the literature through or what activity will get me off my feet, transforming our classroom into a vibrant city from hundreds of years ago.


The extra time it takes to prepare these interactive literature lessons is most often underappreciated, but the result is extremely valuable to both our learning and our enthusiasm. So, I am wholly thankful for teachers who make these additions to the English curriculum, allowing students’ creativity to shine and our comprehension to improve beyond ordinary bounds.