Wall decor we can all adore

Annabelle Smith, Feature Editor

Students at other high schools may say their classrooms look like drab office buildings or, even worse, like prisons. But here we’re different. Our classrooms are pretty and colorful, and with just a glance around, you can see why. Thanks to the many teachers who decorate their rooms with informative, artsy, or funny posters, Liberty’s classroom walls are vastly improved from uninspiring beige.


For example, Mr. Level’s walls are full of movie posters from students’ from long-completed Macbeth projects, adding a creative and inspirational touch. And that’s not to mention an entire wall filled with deep quotes from students in socratic seminars, showcasing the surprisingly deep wisdom from his students. Out in the portables, Mr. Matheny’s class is plastered with calendar shots of tropical beaches and mountains, offering an escape for the eyes. In Ms. Stephen’s classroom, students can deviate from their biology studies and still learn–posters about water usage, trophic levels, and Dwight from The Office are both informative and aesthetically pleasing. And in Mr. Kennedy’s classroom, posters warn about the impending doom of baby animals if students make certain algebra and calculus errors, a decoration technique both humorous and terrifying.


But not only do these posters inspire and inform the students who view them, they also help set the tone in a classroom. Plain, blank walls are borderline harsh–they seem to indicate an overly businesslike atmosphere with no frills. But stick a few interesting posters, or art, or intriguing quotes onto these walls, then the room brightens up. So even if the decorations are rather boring, or the quotes cliche, the fact that teachers add a little bit of light and art to the space is still very appreciated.