The block schedule: allowing Liberty students academic freedom

Abigail Peacock, Editor In Chief

You know the feeling: you’ve just left chemistry class, and you can’t fathom the idea of having to sketch another warming or cooling curve. If you were attending Issaquah High School, you would be forced to do your chemistry homework that night in order to turn it in the next class.


Luckily, you attend Liberty, and thanks to the beloved block schedule, that dreaded quantitative energy problem packet doesn’t have to leave your binder tonight.


With each class occurring only every other day, the block schedule allows for a mental break from the day’s studies: you can do the homework assigned on an A day on the next B day. Therefore, if you can’t stand the thought of having to read another page of To Kill A Mockingbird, you can wait another day before revisiting Scout and Atticus.


Another perk of the block schedule is its eight periods. If Liberty only had six periods,you would not be able to utilize the wide array of electives that are offered; four classes would be taken up by core classes, one by a foreign language, and the last period would have to be used for the required classes of PE and health. Classes like choir, band, orchestra, ceramics, and art would be filled by only juniors and seniors, as freshmen and sophomores would have no room in their schedules to take electives.


Because of the block schedule, Liberty students have the freedom to explore their artistic, technological, and academic interests. To the Issaquah School District, thank you for giving us this opportunity.