Wednesday–a savior of sleep

Bailie Schultz, Staff Writer

There are seven days in a week and only one that is a school day and you can sleep in two and a half hours later than any other day. Wednesday the one day when staying up a little later than normal won’t matter because you have extra time to recharge and that is what I am thankful for this year.

Liberty is one of the few schools that offer this recharge other schools don’t. Many people that don’t go to Liberty become confused on about this day. They quickly come to the realization that this day sounds so amazing. Soon they want this day too. This day is unique to Liberty High School.

Tuesday nights are my favorite because you get so much more sleep. You can recharge and prepare yourself for the last two days of the week. You can stay up a little later binge watching your favorite Netflix show. You get that much more time for relaxing and taking your mind off of school. Watching one more episode is like gold to a teenage kid now a days.

If you get too caught up watching your favorite show you can also finish that terrible homework in the morning. Chemistry and English can get finished in the morning with still adding more sleep to you schedule. Wednesday’s are a savior to a majority to Liberty’s students.

With more time in the morning Liberty Students can eat a healthy breakfast. They are given more time that can be used many ways and eating a healthy breakfast is one of them. Pancakes waffles and more are available on the menu. The words “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” you have been told your whole life. And on Wednesday mornings you can!

Wednesday mornings are important to any Liberty student and they can be used many ways. That is why I am thankful for Wednesday mornings.