The ultimate source of finding relief and happiness: A-Days and B-Days

Sydney Willoughby, Staff Writer

Thank you to the A and B days for making my life easier. Thank you to the two days that split my homework load in half. And most of all, thank you for lowering my stress level.

It may seem like A-days and B-days are the norm for schedules at Liberty, but it truly allows all of us to function. Personally, the struggle of the week begins when I must accept the fact that I’m walking into English teacher, Henry Level’s class. I must receive the news that I’m receiving a new essay one day to an entry ticket for the Socratic seminar the next.

The stress in the lives of Level’s students has just mounted to an extent that cannot be physically attained. But, no worries, it’s just B-Day.

The bell rings, and B-day is over. A-day is in less than 16 hours away.

The day after Level’s class always seems to comfort me, like a warm hug of relief and happiness.

I find myself appreciating these two days more than I should. We can all relate to the fact that these two days give us the opportunity to breathe. Of course, there’s that occasion where we may procrastinate our way along; however, these separate days make it possible to prioritize. They give me the option of having two nights to complete homework, if I choose to maximize my time (but let’s be real, that might not happen).

I’m thankful for the fact that these two days support my schedule and allow me to finish assignments with ease. Even in the early mornings and late nights of finishing homework, these two days are always something to look forward to.

After each day passes, I’m thankful for the difference in A-day and B-day schedules. I’m thankful for the schedule that allows me to look forward to a class and smile when I leave another.

I would like to say thank you to A-days and B-days for always reducing the stress and giving me the chance to breathe a sigh of relief.