The Liberty library

Kiran Singh, Beyond Liberty Editor

Walking inside, gleaming steel beams, powerfully propelling fans, and rows upon rows of full bookcases greet the eye. Enormous windows exhibit the weather, bringing relief to those inside, when it’s pouring outside.

Shining oak tables, soft leather chairs, and a plethora of onyx computers all bring about the visage of an easygoing environment. The neatly organized bookcases and the fancy tablet equipped with the library’s database both help make the process of finding that one book that Kurtz gives you extra credit for reading even easier (I’m looking at you, Guns, Germs, and Steel).

By now, you’ve probably understood which heavenly Liberty location I’m talking about, but if you haven’t, you’ll find out eventually. Why? Because all Patriots have some connection to this place.

Imagine: You pulled an all-nighter trying to finish that Physics lab that Buchli was way too excited about, only to run out of paper. Have no fear; the corporate-sized printer in this luxurious location is a lifesaver right before the bell rings.

Tuesday night rolls around, packed with an extra-long swim practice because Daughters wants to be ready for the state meet. After a grueling two hours in the pool, there isn’t time to start the annotation on the opening scene of Macbeth. You plan to do it Wednesday morning, but your mom has to drop you off at 9 AM. The lunchroom is far too noisy to contemplate the true meaning of apparitions, but this amazing abode’s quiet atmosphere ensures your success in answering questions Reischl asks you about references to Scottish wars in Macbeth.

You’re almost through the week, but the cycle of lack of time and abundance of stress continues. On the bright side, the Liberty library is always there for you, because every Patriot has experienced the effectiveness of this spectacular spot at least once, while others are permanent residents. Whether you’re frantically finishing an assignment, working ahead on a tough task, or just needing time to clear your head, the assuaging atmosphere of the library will always be a paramount place to be. Thank you, library, for being our school’s savior.