The Career Center: an under appreciated LHS gem

Paige Hopkins, Backpage Editor

What college do you want to go to? What do you want to major in? What career are you thinking about?


As I entered junior and senior year, I increasingly found myself bombarded with questions like there. Big, life-changing questions that I didn’t know how to answer. I’m only 17! And I was utterly overwhelmed by the college application process. Where should I apply? How? When? Why was college so expensive? How was I supposed to get money? Luckily, at the beginning of this year, I found a place that, while it couldn’t tell me how to live my life, could guide me through this overwhelming process: the Career Center.


The Career Center is, sadly, underused by many LHS students, who don’t think to go there for anything other than to use the computers in the back. However, it contains more information about post-high school planning than any one person could conceivably use. From information on the college application process to the SAT and ACT to career aptitude tests to apprenticeships, the Career Center has it all. There’s information for those hoping to go into the military after high school, those planning to go straight into another career, and for those hoping to get into a university. There’s even scholarship information hoping to not graduate college with $200,000 in debt. And the ever-helpful Mrs. Co and Mrs. Nystrom are always there and ready to answer any personal questions you may have.


So that’s why, what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving is the Career Center. Thank you for your college representative visits, for your information on senior interviews, for Mrs. Nystrom and Mrs. Co’s infinite wisdom, for your resume and job application advice, and for that delicious little bowl of candy by the door. Most of all, than you for helping me through the terrible period of my life known as the “college application process”.