Thanking the bell

Chris Hasenheyer, Senior Writer

When people make appointment sin their lives, schedule meetings, or arrange plans, their numbers are clean and easy to remember. The time is always ending in five or zero, trivial thing to note it could be said.

This is the time of year to appreciate the minutia of our lines and things we take for granted in being just a part of the daily buzz. Liberty has made changes to accommodate for the small things such as making it to class on time and remembering when second lunch ends.

For years the times had been skewed to odd numbers such as 7:28, 10:33, etc.…These were hard to remember and were put in place due to the bus schedule, yet now we can be clean and sound as though we aren’t trying to fool someone when we tell them when our school starts.

It doesn’t help that we have to explain our A day B day system, on top of our Wednesday late starts and late release now, adding in odd times only makes the whole situation more confusing.

Think about starting high school as a freshman, totally new environment, new schedule, and if the timing of classes isn’t easy to remember and you somehow get lost and end up late, that’s one thing you don’t need. Our new times are easy to remember, as people, we like having an order to things, a method to how we plan our days, clean numbers help out a lot.

It might seem like this is an irrelevant topic, and somebody could say that, yet to some it is relevant. Details matter, our school made a decision that helped the student body and community, so many times a day is it said “I hate school”, so it is important to enjoy the victories and small things that do make sense about school, and our simplified clocks are one of those small victories.

When with family this year, appreciate the minutia and small details, since they matter and can make all the difference when they are gone. It can be simply your grandma’s hugs, or your aunts long winded stories, yet it all is there as details. Just like the clocks , we are thankful for it all.