Thankful for late work passes

Kasey Winter, Photography Editor

This Thanksgiving, there is so much to be thankful for. Whether it’s making the sports team or getting the job you wanted or getting an A on your exam you studied for all week. But there’s one more thing to be thankful for; the teachers that understand you have these other commitments and things going on your life. I am thankful for the teachers that except late work because they realize that their class is not then only thing in our lives. I’m thankful for Gensheimer and her 10% off late work for each day it’s gone. For all the teachers that hand out late work passes at the beginning of the year. These teachers understand that we teenagers have more than one commitment or distraction in our lives and they give us the chance to be able to do them without stressing about getting that homework assignment in the next day. Even the teachers that don’t have a late work policy but give out extra credit to get that B+ to an A I am thankful for. So thank you Kruzich/Hall for the canned food drive competition that keep our grades up first semester, gracias el profesores de Española for the opportunities you give us to go to events and write about them for ten extra points. Even though they may seem like only 0.0000005% of your grade, they count. So this thanksgiving I’m not only thankful for my friends, family, and food on my plate, but I am thankful for all the teachers that take the pressure and anxiety away from me by giving me an extra day or two makeup homework or give me an opportunity to get my grade up with some extra credit.