Thank you spirit days

Gabriel Waldbaum, Staff Writer

It’s a Monday. It’s still the time where you are trying to remember why you are up this early, why the weekend should be longer, and when you can go back to bed. Then, you arrive at school and realize something is different, this is no normal Monday.

It’s a spirit day!

ASB is standing outside the school for the honks they so riotously deserve. This group does the impossible task of waking up earlier than they normally do. After honking and hearing ASB’s scream in reply you eventually end up in the school.

The spirit day doesn’t start and end at the entrance sign it continuous throughout the entire day. All day you see your best friends make their attempts to dress up, and there is nothing better.

To the people who go all out on spirit days, you are everyone’s favorites. These people are amazing and completely embody what the word “spirit” means.

On a green out day you think they are a Leprechaun, on camouflage day they are basically in a Ghillie Suit, on color war day they bleed out their color, and on 50’s day their hair looks so greasy that it may take years to get out. Not just I, but everyone else, thanks to you for going all out because you make the day so much better.

For Thanksgiving I’m thankful for spirit days. Thank you spirit days for bringing excitement to otherwise normal boring days. Thank you Spirit days for being so much fun that you may not even realize it’s a Monday. School can weigh people down and take away all the time in their life, but spirit days bring life to that atmosphere.

So Patriots I have one piece of advice for you on spirit days: suit up!