Thank you, fans

Jocelyn Tierney, Entertainment Editor

Cheering to empty bleachers is no fun, but unfortunately that was the reality at most football away-games my freshman year. School spirit was low and student turnout at games was even lower. Hardly anyone made the drive to come support our football team, and the ones who did, did so half-heartedly. However, over my last four years on cheer, I’ve noticed that spirit and fan attendance has improved immensely. What used to be maybe 10 fans showing up to away games is now 75. There hasn’t been one game this year that Liberty’s fan base wasn’t a strong presence. Even if the game is a long drive away, it’s pouring down rain, and the odds aren’t in our favor – there are still fans. Words can’t describe the feeling I get when I see from the track students starting to arrive and fill the away-side bleachers. So thank you to all the Liberty “Super Fans” who come to all the away games decked out in sprit gear pertaining to whatever the theme is, whether its “Tacky Tourist”, “Sea of Blue”, or “Pink Out” – I can now always count on you to bring your enthusiasm and energetic vibes to all the game; home or away. Cheering is way more fun when you have a crowd to cheer to, so thanks again for not only making my Friday nights more enjoyable but making Liberty as a whole a more spirited and positive place to go to school. And it isn’t just football games – there has been overwhelming turnouts almost all sporting events this year; Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Boys Tennis, etc. Students have lately been supporting their fellow Patriots in any way they can with the upmost pride and excitement. I’m so thankful I go to a school where this is the norm – it makes not just cheering but being a student here such a wonderful experience.