Teaching taken to the next Level

Ally Smith, Staff Writer

Through all of the homework and studying lies a hidden appreciation for honors English. This appreciation is not just for the course in general but for the teacher: Henry Level.

Although his workload may be a little more than we would like Level always keeps class upbeat and interesting. From having heated discussions over novels to writing passages of analysis. No matter what the lesson or material Level always finds a way to rise the atmosphere of the class and keep my attention.

Level manages to take discussions and thinking alike to a higher level while implementing a sense of humor throughout.

Level not only makes class a fun thing to go to but also encourages me to keep thinking outside the box. Level is always asking intriguing questions no matter what the subject and keeps me thinking deeper each class.

Although I have not had honors English for a very long time I have already begun to take so much out of it beyond just a letter grade. Level has taught me to not judge things at a first glance and to always look for the deeper meaning behind something.

Level not only genuinely has a passion for teaching but also cares about his students. Level makes sure to get to know his students and to interact with them about things that they are interested in.

Level tries to appeal to all of his students and listens to what they have to say. Level also uses a Varity of different teaching techniques to give all of his students an equal opportunity to learn and achieve in his class.

Level’s teaching crushes the classic assumption of honors classes being full of non-stop work and no fun. Level makes his class an eye-opening experience and brings daily joy to his students.