Patriot Pride keeps Liberty community strong

Hannah Norton, News Editor

The typical high school student is senioritis-ridden and sweatshirt-clad, drowning in tests, papers, and worksheets. But the typical Liberty student is spirited and energetic student, constantly dressed in Liberty gear and shouting the Liberty fight song at the top of their lungs.

This may be a bit of an exaggeration, but one thing is evident: Liberty students have an extreme amount of infectious Patriot Pride.

This year, Liberty‚Äôs motto of “We are One” very accurately represents the student body. Previously, we have had many spirited students, but this year seems to have an unprecedented level of school spirit and Patriot Pride. Many students of every grade level are joining our plethora of sports and clubs, and attendance is soaring at every sports game and match.

Everyone seems to be making an exceptional effort to contribute to this community and make Liberty a better place. The cheer team makes motivating posters for the sports teams, students go all out in Liberty gear on Fridays, and every grade cheers incredibly loud at assemblies.

On a daily basis, you can almost feel the school spirit at Liberty. From the very first day of school, students stood outside, inviting others in and making every new student feel welcome.

Liberty students have a special connection with each other; one that lasts many years after they graduate. For the homecoming football game, many previous students came back to experience our welcoming Liberty family once more. Alumni who graduated multiple years ago keep coming back as well, as coaches, teachers, and volunteers.

The Liberty community becomes stronger each year, and the tie between our students is very strong. Students work hard to develop and foster the amazing Patriot Pride every day, creating a community like no other.

So this year, it is important to recognize just how wonderful Liberty is. Behind all the construction and homework, Liberty is a wonderful school with an even better group of people in it. I am very thankful to be a part of this kind, accepting community, and I hope that it never changes.