Music: better than any shot of espresso

Sidney Ching, Staff Writer

School is often complained about more than appreciated, and with good cause—students can’t be expected to sit in class for six and a half hours and come out feeling less stressed than when school started. But, though we complain endlessly, constantly, and steadily, we can all find silver linings throughout our day that can make us grudgingly admit that there are some things about Liberty that we can be grateful for. For me, I’m thankful for the practice rooms.

When I’m early for school, I can find solitude and refuge in the practice rooms across the band room—when I close the door, all sound is dampened. The practice rooms have a legacy—someone peed in them, and they now hold the vague odor of urine, accompanied by a layer of strong perfume in order to hide the smell. (Also, shout out to Mr. Tanner, the band teacher, who unlocks the practice rooms for many musicians in the mornings, and who, when I informed him about the smell of pee in the practice room, sighed, ‘Again?’)

Though this rude aroma is always a shock at 7:00 in the morning, I can settle down comfortably and practice on my violin, or on the piano sitting on the side, which lacks a few keys, but works just fine. It’s a great way to start the day—better than any cup of coffee or any last-minute studying in the library. For me, music is calming, and practice rooms are a safe haven, a place for creativity, solitude, and preparation for the upcoming 6 ½ hours of school. So, when I’m half-awake and stressed, I can always rely on these silent, dormant portals to transport me to a new level of relaxation and therapy.