Mrs. Olsson, thank you for all you do!

Carlyn Schmidgall, Senior Writer

She can be seen in her colorful corner office, keeping careful watch over the library and its occupants.

She’s often taken for granted by Liberty’s student body, but she is so much more than simply a librarian, stocking bookshelves and shushing noisy students. I am so thankful that Mrs. Olsson is a part of our community, because her kindness towards and hard work for Liberty goes above and beyond.


Many students harbor unfair grievances against Mrs. Olsson, since she scolded them for breaking the library’s rules. From students told to finish their Cheetos elsewhere or admonished for cutting class by hiding out in the library, those who blame her for their own misbehavior is simply immature. It’s Mrs. Olsson’s job to enforce rules of the library, and she’s the reason we are able to enjoy a pristine library.


Beyond her role as our librarian, Mrs. Olsson genuinely cares about the students of Liberty, and is deeply involved in our community. She’s the advisor of History Club, and as a member and a participant in National History day, I’ve witnessed her commitment and consideration for students. She tirelessly helps us find sources for our projects, write theses and analysis, and beautify our presentations. As we work late into the night to meet deadlines, she stays behind to offer her expertise and order us pizza. For the last two years, she has accompanied us on our trip to DC, bravely taking responsibility of a group students the entire way across the country.


Mrs. Olsson also organized Liberty’s student Book Club. Liberty had a book club years ago, but it ceased to exist when the old library was demolished. Finally able to revive the club, Mrs. Olsson became its advisor, allowing her to share her love of reading with Liberty’s students.


Even if a student isn’t directly involved with History Club or Book club, all of Liberty’s students can feel her impact. She’s eager to help anyone who comes to the library, whether it be for a book recommendation or help finding something or just for friendly advice. Thank you, Mrs. Olsson, for always being there for Liberty and our students.