Mr. Tanner: a role model

Sophie Ossorio, Staff Writer

“Wow! What a chill teacher!” Last year those were my initial thoughts on Liberty High School band teacher Mr. Tanner. Now, I know that Mr. Tanner is way more than just “chill”.

Mr. Tanner is genuine in that he has a passion for music and teaching, which he has shown by always being excited to work on our music, help students after school, and always pushing our class to the “next level” of musicality.

Whenever I walk into the band room I always see Mr. Tanner busy, whether getting ready his class preparations, talking to a flurry of students, and much more. While some teachers might not so easily take the fast pace of our class, Mr. Tanner carries it in stride, and always with a smile.

In band I feel like I feel like it is a place where I can focus and have fun at the same time while getting a break from school stress. Whether playing an upbeat march or movie theme band always offers an escape from the AP craze that always seems to rear its ugly head.

Out of all the things Mr. Tanner does the one that stands out to me is Tanner being a life role model. Whenever I see Mr. Tanner he seems “ready to roll” and excited to work on some new music. He has what not all of my teachers have had in the past- authentic enthusiasm about helping his students learn.

I am thankful for Mr. Tanner because he has taught me one of the most important lessons in life-choose a job that you are passionate about so every day will be one you are excited for.