Liberty’s variety of classes is a blessing in disguise

Sarah Flash, Opinion Editor

As I sat in a college interview a couple weeks ago, I found myself being asked the common question, “Why do you like our school?” I answered by mentioning the community-like aspects, the great program in the major I want to pursue and the variety of classes the college encourages students to take before declaring a major. These answers might have been completely true about the college, but they are nothing new to a Liberty student.

Liberty’s wide variety of classes and range of electives is something people who have only ever known Liberty’s eight period schedule often take for granted. Yet, this schedule has opened up the doors for students to explore new concepts, pursue random interests, or try out a new class, all with enough space in the schedule to take their graduation requirements at the same time.

Liberty’s wide range of electives has allowed students to pursue an extra writing course, learn to play guitar, be involved in drama, or even double up on a science or math course. Because of this, Liberty students are well-rounded and come out of high school with skills that extend beyond basic math or knowing how to write an essay. Students are able to gain “soft” life skills through Learn and Earn as well take a period to do student research and everything in between. These classes help prepare students for the real world, outside of high school curriculum.

In addition to expanding our learning opportunities, the wide variety of electives has allowed students to have a more balanced life. Having the ability to take a senior waiver, an extra PE class, or another “fluff” class in the midst of the four AP classes students often find themselves signing up for is a huge benefit. While some students would fill the extra periods with more hard classes, taking advantage of other electives offered could help students have a more balanced schedule. The wide variety of classes to choose from makes it is easy for Liberty students to pick one or two classes that may be easier, more interesting to the student, or just a fun class to take.

So if you are ever thinking that having eight classes is way too many or you find yourself struggling to full the last spot on your registration list, remember how Liberty’s wide range of classes can be chance to learn a new skill, focus on your passions, or help create some much needed balance in everyone’s life.