Liberty Vibez: as it turns out we are one

Brittany Toombs, Managing Editor

The vibes at our horribly wonderful high school are irreplaceable and incredible enough to warrant my thanks this November. The most brilliant aspect of #libertylife is that everyone is connected in the daily grind yet we all have our special place in the school.

Everyone has something they’re passionate about. No matter how much you claim to despise this place, there is one aspect of Liberty you love. It could be the homey theatre, the ROTC room, Mr. Tanner’s band class, the football field or at the home plate on the softball diamond, the J-lab (or the Y-lab, I guess), the academic classrooms of your favorite teachers, or the cozy art room.

We all are, essentially, wonderful nerds. We care about things. Our passions don’t all align, but we all have them. There hasn’t been one person I’ve come across at Liberty who isn’t in love with something. When we all gather in the bus loop after the eighth period bell or meet our separate squads in the commons, we are all riddled with fatigue and are burnt out beyond belief, but we are together.

We may roll our eyes at assemblies when ASB chants, “We are one!!” but, in a way, it’s true. United in our struggles and divided in our interests, we make it work.

Whether you’re passionate about your best track time or your best SAT score, GSA or JSA, choir or band, theatre or ROTC, journalism or yearbook, Honors Society or the Paper Football League, it is undeniable.

You are passionate.

Liberty is kind of magic in that way. In the lowest key of all the lowkeys, we are one. Lib is lit, y’all.