Liberty reminds us to be thankful in times of Thanksgiving

Nathan Christopher, Senior Writer

I’m thankful for everything that makes Liberty feel like Liberty.


I’m thankful for the puddle that always appears at the top of the staircase in the courtyard on rainy days. I can always count on you, puddle at the top of the staircase, to be there to slow me down and always drench my shoes on my way to class, reminding me of the unique character of our school. Consistency is a comfort, so thank you, puddle, for helping me always remember that I’m at home at our school.


I’m thankful for our construction workers that have become such a part of our lives throughout the past four years. They haven’t left since I came to Liberty. Seeing them working hard out there every day has become familiar to my daily routine. If they left, there would be an emptiness about our school, and it wouldn’t feel right. Thank you, construction workers, for being an unwavering norm in the lives of our students, and thank you, faculty, for continuing to employ them.


I’m thankful for our squeaky rubber floors in the hallways. The loudest noises that are made when walking through the hallways always lets you know when someone else may be rounding the corner, and always helps keep you aware of your surroundings. I’m thankful that it gives Liberty a quirk that I can’t say many other schools have.


I’m thankful for the narrow hallways that serve to remind us all how close our students have become close to each other. Trudging through hallways intertwined with different students each and every day makes fighting your way to your next class a new adventure every time.


And that’s exactly what I love about our school—it’s uniqueness. There’s not another school out there that has the same quirks and idiosyncrasies that Liberty does, and that’s why I’m truly thankful to call Liberty my school.


All in all, we are all truly blessed for the opportunity to go to such an incomparable school.