Hidden knowledge

Issabella Francavilla, Staff Writer

Mounds of paper knowledge right at your fingertips. Nothing is better than seeing the calming nature of complete silence and hearing pleas of ‘Read me!’ while also fighting off decay.  The smell of ink and old paper being swished back and forth by desperate students trying to find that one paragraph that had the answer to the assignment. The new library this year is, by far, the number one thing I am thankful for at this school.

My favorite part about the library is walking in through the speechless metal sensors, on my way to find a new book to cut through. A new reality to explore and a new fictional character I get to meet.

I love the feeling I get once I have specially chosen the book I will most likely be finishing in two days and the expected feeling I get when I come back to pick another.

I love listening to the silent ticking of the colossal fans constantly turning counter clockwise and the never ending inhale of the vacuum if you show up early enough in the morning to be able to hear every detail.

Picking a new book is just one of the many other qualities the library has to offer. Early morning, last minute homework finishing and the meetings between friends make the library a joyous place for everyone. The quiet giggles and shushed whispers are what make students comfortable in their own world.

From the constantly temperature changing portables, to the new and improved library I have never been this excited to read a book. I am also so thankful for Mrs. Olsson our school librarian. With her constant help to find a book that she knows will interest a student and her fantastic ideas for book review club the library is never a punishment.

School is where I have spent almost my whole life and I feel better knowing there is a place I am excited to go to.