Find the Center to unlock what lies ahead

McKenzie Fysh, Staff Writer

It’s your third year at Liberty, quickly approaching seniority in the Patriot books. Your days are filled with pages of homework, red bull and caffeine substituted for sleep, while balancing your social life, family obligations, and your extracurricular opportunities. It’s so easy to get caught up with where you are in life right now- either being content with where you are, or hoping for change. But something is approaching, although you don’t want to admit it. Soon, you will “grow up” and step out of your comfort zone into your life after high school. While you may be excited about the future, it is undeniable as you listen to your senior friend’s scoop on senior interviews, college apps, and unique opportunities that the unknowns of the future can be daunting. Luckily, there is an extra support system in place for Liberty students that gives them the tools to hone in on their skills, go after their passions; to find out what is out there for them, because after all, high school is not all there is to your life- there is so much more.

It’s a shame that more students don’t take advantage of the wonderful career center. While it’s easy to groan about the required culminating projects given to you in each grade, they set you up for success. The career center equips students with the possibilities of their future and finding the right fit- brown bag lunches multiple times a month educating you from admission offices from different colleges, a free area to research and find out about careers, or even a chance to ask the career center ladies questions you may have about opportunities out there, just for you, because they care.

And all this because when that day approaches, when you step up to collect your diploma decked in your grad cap and surrounded by your peers, when the moment comes where you are able to celebrate all that you accomplished in high school and how it has shaped you, you will be looking forward to the future- whatever that may mean for you. And Liberty’s own gem of resources can help you prepare for that fulfilling life ahead.