Coffee Cart: the morning savior

Jacob Hepp, Staff Writer

Arriving at school at seven in the morning, you need something to wake you up, something to get you going for the rest of the day. While Starbucks is too expensive and the lines are too long, there’s always the Coffee Cart here at Liberty.

With a variety of options for choosing your morning beverage, from just coffee to a latté to just about anything you want, the coffee cart is there for you.

Along with the nice variety of drinks, your drinks are always served with a smile, with the kindness that every barista should have when working early in the mornings serving grumpy and grouchy people their coffee.

At Starbucks, you will definitely have a long wait for your coffee. Not at the Coffee Cart. It takes maybe a minute or two at the most to receive your piping hot drink in the morning, the perfect way to start your day by not waiting in a long line and having to tolerate people who take forever to order their drink.

I remember times when I’ve gotten to school and I just want to sit in those leather chairs for the whole day. Then, I get a whiff of someone’s latté as they walk past me, and I remember that I can easily wake myself up with a nice cup of coffee.

Thank you for being there in the mornings when no other coffee shops are there to help us through the day. Thank you for you delicious beverages and much-needed caffeine. Thank you, Coffee Cart.