Appreciating teachers outside of Teacher Appreciation week

Abby Russell, Staff Writer

Not understanding a topic in a class is something every student can relate to, and having a caring and understanding teacher can really help boost the grasp of difficult material.

This Thanksgiving, I would like to appreciate the teachers here at Liberty, who honestly care about my grades and help me individually when I need it.

I would like to highlight Ms. Thompson, who really considers and tends to a student’s academic needs and well-being! Whether I don’t understand how to conjugate a verb or have a concerned look on my face, Thompson always helps me out and makes me feel better! She’s always energetic, which keeps me awake, and her spunk always creates a good start to my B- day! Thank You Thompson!

I’d also like to thank Mr. Kurtz.  He is a really amazing teacher and dedicates a lot of his time to helping students before and after school.  He not only wants to help with a student’s grades, but he wants them to understand the material he is teaching in his class. Mr. Kurtz is a very interesting person and I love hearing about his life adventures! Thank you for caring Kurtz!

Another teacher that is very caring is Mr. Thruelson. Whenever I struggle in math he always helps me through it. Also, he and other math teachers put together lots of guides and notes to help students grasp material quickly and stay up to date on the lessons. Mr. Thruelson is a very helpful teacher and considers his students comprehension of a subject. Thank you Thruelson!

All of the teachers here at Liberty dedicate lots of their time to help all of the students. I really appreciate it and I think everyone at Liberty should be respectful towards our teaching staff and value all of their efforts.  Thank you Liberty teaching staff!