A well-rounded school day (well, almost)

Fiona Hinkulow, Senior Writer

The beginning of the 2015-2016 school year started with a dramatic transformation, as the previous Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday bell times were scraped and replaced with a new, rounded and less hair-tearing-indusive schedule.


In the dark ages, for as long as anyone at the school can attest,  Liberty High School’s schedule had perplexing beginning and end times that were hyper-specific such as the beginning period ending at 8:56 am, and the second lunch period 10:36 am. This schedule seemed, for the longest time, to be written in stone, surpassing the legacy of even the students and faculty, and predicted to end when the sun finally implodes and wipes out all life in the general vicinity of space.

If one compared the former Liberty High School schedule to that of an average working adult’s hours, one would be amazed at how odd the times are; normal people prefer to have numbers rounded to the nearest tenth.


Then, out of nowhere, on August 12, 2015, a more rounded schedule appeared; although this schedule still ends at 2:16 pm, I am thankful that it significantly reduces the chances of students and or faculty having an epileptic fit for those trying to memorize when their class periods end. It has occurred, on numerous occasions, that when a student asks his or her class mate what time the period ends, that student merely gives a puzzled look and states, “I don’t know.” Now those days are less frequent.


However, reforms have still yet to be made for our even weirder Wednesday schedule; the first class beginning at 9:55 am and not 10 am. Now everything is as normal as it’s ever going to be Liberty High School, because at the end of the day, Liberty will continually be known as the beloved odd-ball in the trio that makes up the high schools of the Issaquah School District.