Weekends, savior of the teenager

Taylor Jackson, Sports Editor

There’s a special place “down under” reserved specifically for Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. They’re the worst of the worst, always resulting in grumpy peers and coffee overloads. We’re constantly balancing on the edge of a mental breakdown or just recovering from one. And after a week full of them, we’re in a serious need for a recharge.

Hence the reason weekends are god’s gift to the teenager.

There’s no denying that high school is rough: wake up at five thirty, go to school for six hours, go to a sports practice or extracurricular, come home and shovel down food while studying for the test that’s going to kill you the next day, sleep, repeat. It’s a cycle that wears you down exponentially, and by Friday you’re just ready to hibernate for a couple of days. Thanks to Saturday and Sunday, you can do that. Instead of cramming all of your homework into one night you can spread it out and do it when you want to, not when you have to. It’s refreshing to be able to catch up on the Wednesday night show you missed because you were doing chemistry homework, and there’s a lovely feeling of payback when you can smirk at that chem homework lying on the table that’s due next Tuesday and then go out and see your friends instead of finishing it right then and there. Not to mention the ability to actually sleep in past eight o’clock—that right there is reason enough to be happy it’s the freakin’ weekend.