Thank you, SAT prep

Paige Hopkins, Staff Writer

The SAT. This dreaded 3-hour test taken during junior year is enough to send a shiver down the back of every sophomore. And the sad truth is, while we all say we’ll spend hours studying for this mega-test, most of us will struggle to crack open that practice book. That’s why what I’m thankful for this year is a class here at Liberty: SAT Prep.

The chance to take the class in school is actually pretty rare. LHS is one of the few schools with an in-school SAT Prep class, which ends up giving students more than 67 hours of study time, and no homework whatsoever. Just think of how many more Netflix marathons you can fit in with that kind of time.  And the class is getting results too. Student scores  skyrocket after taking a semester of SAT Prep. If you, like me, walked out of the PSATs feeling like you just took a Latin exam, you will quickly grow to appreciate the value of this class.

I’ll be honest; sitting in a room for an hour and a half slogging through fraction problems isn’t my favorite way to spend the time. But, unlike most classes where I often ask myself “When will I ever use this in real life?” I know that everything I learn in SAT Prep is going to show up on the SAT’s in a few months. Every grammar rule pounded into my skull is one less problem I have to struggle through when I take the real test.

So juniors in SAT Prep, and all future juniors who will take it, when you get back your SAT scores  take a minute remember that class, and the wisdom it gave you. Reflect for a moment on how much easier SAT Prep made that 3-hour torture session known as the SAT.