Thank you Mrs. Wood!

Sara Flash, Staff Writer

We have all been there: the huge test first period that you’re almost certain you failed, the group assignment that you were up all night doing because no one else was willing to help you and the thought of having to get through four more stressful days until the weekend. All of these just make for a very depressing day.

But as you walk into the PAC, you get this sense of relief. Choir is the one class that anyone can count on to brighten one’s day. There is something to be said about being able to walk into the choir room for the last period of the day, and be guaranteed to have someone there, welcoming everyone in and waiting at the piano, smiling. Mrs. Wood, Liberty’s wonderful choral director, is who I am grateful for this thanksgiving season.

It is scientifically shown that singing at least 10 minutes a day can reduce stress, improve health and even make someone live longer. But that only goes so far. If you hate your music teacher, singing can become boring or even tiresome.

Mrs. Wood is able to make music enjoyable to everyone who walks through her door. Even after a long day, she is still able to wear a cheery smile.

What is most impressive about her though are the personal connections she makes with everyone she meets. When she stops class to introduce herself to someone she doesn’t know, she shows she really cares. Having someone there who you know truly wants to listen to you when you need help and is interested in what you are saying is a true privilege that most students don’t get in school.

Choir is sometimes the one thing that gets me through the day. Liberty is lucky to have such an amazing choral director and after those depressing tests, late nights and far-off weekends, she is still able to turn any day into one to smile about.