Living the life of leisure with waivers

Kelley Johnson, Senior Writer

I never knew how little sleep I got in my previous years in high school until I was admitted to the waiver life, specifically the 1st period waiver life. For this I am eternally thankful for.

Considering how all seniors have had a consistent 8 classes every year of high school, allowing them to step back and catch their breath during their final, and easily most stressful, year is invaluable. With all of their college and scholarship applications due alongside of their regular school work things get pretty hectic. But then there is our senior savior: waivers. Whether it’s 1st or 8th period, that extra time opens up so much time to get the important things done.

Once college applications are done and over with, waivers become the perfect hour and a half for students to catch up on or get ahead on their homework. For  most seniors, though, it is the perfect time to try and catch up on the hundreds of hours of sleep they’ve missed out on from their previous 3 years of high school.

From all seniors: we collectively sigh from not exhaustion but from relief and are perpetually thankful of our wonderful waivers.