In love with Liberty’s new library

Rachel Hay, Senior Writer

Last year, I dreaded going to the school library.

It wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy Ms. Olsson’s company or because I didn’t appreciate the wide array of novels offered for check out. It wasn’t even because I spent nearly every waking moment there researching how cholera ravaged 19th century London for my Honors Euro paper.

I don’t consider myself as an individual who suffers from claustrophobia, but there is something slightly unsettling about being packed in a portable so tightly with your classmates that you barely have any standing room.

So let just me take this opportunity to say: I am infatuated with Liberty’s new library.

I love looking at the display case when I walk in. I love the open windows that have a view of the trees and that allow you to spy on other classes below. I love the layout of the bookshelves and the enormous fans and the brand-new tables that have yet to be defiled by the Sharpie of some juvenile delinquent.

I go there during my senior waiver. I go there during lunch to work on assignments that I could have done during my senior waiver but put off because I spent my entire senior waiver admiring the library. I would even move in there, if it was socially acceptable.

I know that for many people in many areas of the world, having access to books is a privilege in itself, and I feel so lucky to be a part of a school that unquestionably has the greatest library in the Issaquah School District.

So before you sit down to your Thanksgiving dinner, remember to take a moment to appreciate our new library-and seriously, don’t write on those shiny new desks, because I will find you.