Gov and Politics: an AP gem at Liberty

Trevor Sytsma, Editor-In-Chief

To be honest, when I signed up for Amy Cooke’s AP U.S Government & Politics class last spring, I knew I was signing up for what most seniors before me described as a “relatively easy” AP class. Little did I know of the actual benefits and pragmatism of taking the class, and the immense importance of the things I would learn.

The busyness of high school has always made it nearly impossible for me to be politically informed.  Amidst piles of assignments, extracurricular commitments, and attempts to maintain some semblance of a social life, the time I have left to turn on the news or peruse a newspaper is minimal.

But at the beginning of my seventh period every other day, at Mrs. Cooke’s prompting, one of my classmates presents two current American political events, with lively, insightful discussions to follow. This is what I love about AP Gov: the political dialogue amongst my classmates keeps me up to date with the headline news of my country, helps me to formulate my positions on different issues, and gives me the opportunity to voice my opinions as well.

AP Gov is where a critical exchange of ideas occurs, a basic foundation of the American democracy the class seeks to explain. Despite all the cynicism towards American government in the news, AP Gov has given me an appreciation of our democratic system and revealed the importance of my individual vote and political engagement.

When I turn 18 in March,  I know now I will be crossing a major threshold into political life, and because of AP Gov, I plan to take on my new political opportunities as democratic duties. So thank you, Mrs. Cooke and AP Gov, for inspiring me to be an active and informed citizen of these United States.