Boredom: a blessing in disguise

Megan So, Staff Writer

There’s nothing worse than sitting in a chair spacing out because you have nothing better to do. You’ve studied until you have a permanent scowl pasted on your face; you’ve watched all the YouTube videos your eyes can take; you’ve played outside to the point of your legs feeling like jelly. You are officially bored.

But boredom, to me, is bliss. Boredom gives me the chance to not be the stressed-out, sleep-deprived zombie I usually am. If I am bored, it means I have the time to gaze absently at the wall, to swing my legs back and forth, to kick my feet up and sit back. It means I am fully-rested since any free time I have is normally used to sleep. Boredom is a period of time in which no significant events occur. It may not sound appealing to most, but having the opportunity to do nothing is truly a lucky break.

Amidst all the responsibilities and expectations (and criticism) of a fast-paced, opportunistic society, people forget to appreciate the chance to sit quietly in the absence of tasks. Having a hiatus in responsibilities, actually having the time to laze around idly without any worries, is healthy—everyone should be entitled to such a break.

So next time you’re about to groan “I’m bored,” remember that certain overworked individuals are envious of your situation. Put your hands in the air and cheer for your boredom.