A shout out to sport spirit

Sam Kelderman, Staff Writer

The basketball season is finally approaching and I couldn’t be more excited. Last year, the basketball season was filled with ups and downs, unexpected glories and well-deserved recognitions. Lacing up for practice, pumping up before games, and bonding with teammates are just a few contributors to the wonderful experience that basketball has to offer. There are just so many characteristics that make me so thankful for Liberty Basketball.

Basketball at Liberty is just like every other sport at Liberty. Practice is usually every single day of the week, and they all go through similar stages of growth, team-wise and individually, as the year goes on. Practices may feel like they never end for some and as the season progresses, many might get bored with the mass amount of time spent on the sport each day.

However, I discovered that stopping a sport for a period of time can make someone realize how much he or she may love that sport and I feel this way for all Liberty Sports I participate in. Playing basketball throughout my life really became a defining element of me and joining Liberty Basketball last year seemed to elevate my love passion for the game even higher than before. I am extremely thankful for the experiences and lessons I have learn through Liberty Basketball.

Therefore, I cannot be more excited for the impending season and there are many aspects of this season to be thankful for! Practices not only help me improve my skills and strength, but they allow me to become closer with my friends and that’s really special. Also, I wouldn’t be as successful today if it weren’t for my incredibly passionate and brilliantly skilled coaches. They are among the key motivators in my basketball life. Quad nights at Liberty High are also an aspect of Liberty basketball that I am really thankful for, for the presence of the crowd fills the entire program with excitement for each game.

Participating in basketball, or any Liberty sport, can make the player realize how much they enjoy the sport if they take time to appreciate the wonderful characteristics about that sport, and I encourage all Liberty students to do that.