The true Incredibles working at our school

Mackenna Briggs, Focus Editor

Walking into a freshman class as a senior to make up a lab, I was shocked at what I witnessed. There was outright disrespect and disregard of instruction from the students and a paramount of patience modeled by the teacher.

How is it that I’ve walked these halls for four years of my life, and never once truly seen the immense fortitude and tolerance regularly exerted by our teachers?

As I watched the teacher walk the perimeter of the room, helping students with whatever they needed while simultaneously dealing with the student that responded, “no” three times at her request for him to move seats, or the students that spontaneously decided to interupt the class with their own freestyle medley of distracting music, I became in awe of her patience and stamina.

And when this teacher turned away from those increasingly aggravating students to help me with my lab, she closed her eyes, took a calming breath and then opened them with a smile, asking me what I needed.

I have no idea how she managed that; she, along with every teacher on this planet who have to deal with this type of immaturity and apathy for an education, have earned my eternal respect.

If you think about what our teachers have to put up with, I think you’d draw the same conclusion.

They have to teach several different classes, instruct students with varying levels of capability and motivation towards education, stay before and after school to provide additional assistance, put in countless hours of work outside of school, without so much as an ounce of recognition from us.

So next time you see one of your teachers, tell them thanks, because they do all of that to help us learn and grow.