The Importance of Patriot Perseverance

Connor Cherry, Backpage Editor

Thanksgiving is a magical time in America.  We all sit down with our families and loved ones, feast on massive amounts of Turkey, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, watch a football game, give thanks for what we have then forget all of that to go fight people at 1am outside of a Walmart over a TV and Xbox One bundle. In this spirit of thanks, we Patriots should take the time to reflect and give thanks for what makes this school the unique entity that it is. So what am I thankful for at Liberty? There are many great things about this school, but the one that trumps them all is our Patriot Perseverance.

We at Liberty have faced a lot of adversity over the past few years. Disappearing teachers, Portable City, delayed construction, having to play Bellevue for our Homecoming game year in and year out, and the destruction of our beloved sign by vandals from down the street. Despite all of these things, Patriot Pride is at an all-time high. Throughout my years as a student at Liberty, school spirt has steadily risen, reaching its peak for the current seniors this year. It is incredibly refreshing to see a student body so unified around the school we call home. Yes, other schools might have nicer campuses, and more state championships, but every school has the potential to gain those things. What we have at Liberty is something no other school can achieve. For these reasons, I am incredibly thankful that I am fortunate enough to be a Patriot this season.