The Importance of DECA at Liberty

Ellie Hohensinner, News Editor

DECA is an important organization and group at Liberty, and should be recognized and thanked for its existence and representation of the student body. The organization does more than just run the student store and the Patriot Pantry, but also represents the school in a larger way.

The DECA students compete in competitions, where they demonstrate their business knowledge at an area, state and national level. This not only makes the individuals look good who are competing, but also make Liberty a more well respected and established high school all around.

In this class, students learn a variety of different terms and skills needed in business and in real life. And for that students should be thankful for that opportunity. Math does not necessarily teach life skills, like how to work in a store, or become a well-rounded employee going into the work force. It is a dynamic and established organization that helps students gain those life skills, as well as preparing them more for the future.

Many people may not think that a business class would be fun or enjoyable, but it does break from the normal classroom atmosphere. Students do get the ability to get up and move, work in the student stores, compete and work on public speaking. All of this with learning proper business dress attire and professionalism.

So next time you buy a t-shirt or a smoothie, consider and thank the DECA people for all that they do in representing Liberty, and growing themselves for the future.