The beautiful Black Box

Kenadi Browne, Staff Writer

The Performing Arts Center is definitely something to be grateful for here at Liberty. Everyone can appreciate the posh Landback Auditorium with its snazzy new seats, the light, airy choir room that supports incredible musical talent, and the cozy band and orchestra rooms, as those rooms are an important part of LHS culture. But there is a vital piece of Liberty’s PAC that most students don’t give enough recognition to: the black box.

As black boxes go, Liberty’s is already unique. Since black boxes are intended to be blank, versatile theatre spaces, they rarely include windows. However, our black box has almost half a wall covered with them.  I’m grateful for the windows that allow natural light in, a refreshing break from the dark auditorium during rehearsals. I’m also thankful for the large, open space that the black box is, as it allows for many activities to happen simultaneously: practicing monologues for in class showcases, algebra homework time, and tired Kenadi naps, all in the same room. I very much appreciate how versatile the black box is, and how much it benefits Liberty’s thespian community.

While it does have impressive physical features, the black box represents so much more. For me, it has always been a place of community.  The relaxed environment that Mrs. Klekas creates is a true blessing for everyone involved in theatre. It’s the place where I first met the amazing people I’m now proud to call my best friends. This little, nondescript theatre was the first place at Liberty that I truly felt at home.