Thanks Windows!

Gabby Messina, Staff Writer

The old building, or dungeon, was lacking in many areas, but perhaps the most serious ailment was the lack of windows. Students and faculty members would walk to the lower levels only to feel as if they were being engulfed in the concrete box that was our old school. Furthermore, being denied the opportunity to see natural light for a large portion of the day steadily decreased student moral. I remember one time there was a snowstorm in the beginning portion of the day, and I didn’t even realize it until lunch, when I was finally able to come upstairs.

Now, we finally have windows in every classroom. I am extremely thankful for this because I can see the life outside of the classrooms, and revel in the beauty of those rare sunny days. No longer do I have to wonder, “is it raining” or “what does the outside world even look like?” No longer do I feel trapped in the gloomy basement, disconnected from everything else in the world. Thankfully, now I no longer have to wish for a window to look out of instead of drab wall when a class gets slow.

So thank you windows, for providing us with light in the face of a dark wake of construction-related disappointments.